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Majestic Building
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Four halls with capacity from 500 to 1,000 people, Majestic Tower is the address today's most brilliant in the field of service events in the city of Vung Tau. Majestic Tower potential market is targeting the technology for parties, MICE tourism: holiday associated with conferences, seminars and product introduction ...

Majestic Tower located at 356A-358 Truong Cong Dinh, Hanoi. Vung Tau. Even in the "golden position" of Vung Tau city, a tourist from Thuy Van beach about 10 minutes walk from the scenic beach and 1km before, at this point, Majestic Tower is considered the convention center - entertainment largest scale of Vung Tau with a height of 10 floors, total floor area of ​​more than 12.000m2, fully equipped facilities and modern amenities. Employees were working at the Majestic Tower has experienced trained professional from the fields of tourism, solid workmanship and dedicated service.

Majestic Tower went into operation in an attempt to bring the difference in the wedding activities, events and entertainment, entertainment in the city of Vung Tau. Not only bring people Vung Tau technology new wedding chapel, the managers also want to join Majestic Tower types of tourism operators are beginning to develop MICE in Ba Ria - Vung Tau. So the architecture and color of buildings Majestic Tower bold modern Europe, notably with corrugated roof eaves and columns with large stylized nearly 2 m diameter solid marble flooring. Majestic Tower luxury interior, advanced equipment equivalent to 5 star hotels, standard organization of international events. Majestic Tower entire building is covered wifi should sit in any position can also easily access the internet. In addition to the stairways, Majestic Tower has six high speed lifts, including two stairways for transporting food to the restaurants located on high. Majestic Tower at the same time can organize many events with thousands of numbers without risk of traffic overloads, ensuring safety through fire prevention system works 24/24 hours.

The ground floor of the Majestic Tower 1 is devoted to garages, kitchens and offices. From level 2 to level 5 for the halls are multi-functional design, at the same time just can organize conferences and seminars both can serve banquets and weddings. Each hall of the Majestic Tower is the name, place or display different but similar in the lobby space airy, suitable for operation on the sidelines of product introduction and organizational meeting snacks between now available tuberculosis. For weddings, the lobby space is the place to welcome the couple, using cooktail party, film and take photo. Harmony with the architecture and advanced facilities, ceremonies and weddings conferences held in the Majestic Tower are held by modern technology but retains the traditional beauty, elegance and courtesy.

6 th floor of the Majestic Tower II named Ngoc Giao Karaoke with nearly 30 rooms, cozy theater design, is the ideal place for families, groups of friends met in the event occasions such as festivals, birthdays, meetings face ...

Majestic coffee drinks are located on floors 8 and 9 storeys accommodating thousands of guests. Here, guests are served fresh everyday newspapers, free internet access. Occasionally, on weekends in coffee Majestic also held art shows musical performances, fashion and product introduction attract participants. Along with the differences "only at the Majestic", the animal sat sipping coffee from the 10th floor and panoramic city. Vung Tau with four surface mountains, sea, streets ... just look both familiar and strange is a difference that you should go to the Majestic to explore and feel.