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Restaurants - Cafe - mini soccer Sao Viet
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Chain restaurants - cafe garden - mini soccer field is where Why Vietnam reunion, relaxation of familiar people in the evenings or weekends.

STAR VIETNAM RESTAURANT - such as your name is where you choose to organize a banquet hosted her children, relatives, friends, colleagues near and far the most happy occasion.

STAR VIETNAM RESTAURANT wish this joy is multiplied, multiplying by the very personal service and banquet service dedicated WHY VIETNAM.

Football clusters of investment company shares Sao Vietnam opened at No. 29/10 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, HCMC. Vung Tau has received enthusiastic reception of multiple units, businesses and those who love soccer in the province. Vietnamese soccer star cluster, including two carriers. 1 yard in size 25m x 42m; 2 yard size 24m x 38m. This is a mini football field and quite a modern standard with velvet surface is artificial grass imported from Italy, the total investment for the term of this field is about 2 billion. Clusters of this field is quite "order" multiple registration units long term ground lease right from the opening soon. Nguyen Nguyen Vu, director of investment company shares Vietnamese Star said: "From the passion of soccer boys, I've invested this field. Business field, the company does not emphasize profit, by rental yard is quite popular, three hundred thousand dollars per hour / 17 hour front yard and 350 thousand dollars per hour from 17 yard and 30 hour mode 10% reduction of rents for units renting for 3 months or more carriers with contract value of over 7.5 million. Up to now there are nearly 20 units and enterprises registered long-term ground lease. The company will also be invited to coach Thailand's soccer coach for those who love this sport. In addition, we will support children's football tournament in the province. "

Some player teams IDICO - Conac had two clusters of rocks at the soccer field with artificial grass have the same comment: The training and competition in two clusters of this field we are assured, because the surface is quite flat, lem is not covered rain clothes, fall has high safety. Even after the tournament finished, soccer star clusters in Vietnam, we can wash and "play the" home. "

What is also interesting by just sitting sipping coffee with his family, friends, has been interesting watching the match that Sao dan.Mong Vietnam will always be attractive destinations for locals and tourists everywhere.