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Hai Van Temple
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Hai Van pagoda is situated on the slopes of Mount Small on the road near Ha Long Ha Long Road Bai Dua From looking at the steep slopes of Mount Small found a high ladder and a large entrance with the words "Hai Van Pagoda. " Visitors to the temple over the sidewalk, or by car to the exit road vehicles, are. What is particularly different from the temples that we frequent the port here since the first grade had found the words, the poem is sculpted with meticulously, fussy in detail on the walls.

Turns climbing the ladder through mentally walk the poem read: Three German Prajna (talk about meditation), three well-Pure (talking about pure tone, a practice of Buddhism), the poem by Chief female composers and here

the carvings on the walls as her legendary Minh periods; High High Five independent cross reference part three (53 times for directing) the pupil's genius.

Right way to have a large mural, described Germany win the Bodhisattva Putuo Mountain. On the left is the poem: the waves of the sea god talks and discussion areas. Can say all poems are receiving advice everyone to do good, avoid evil, advised people to do good ...

The sound power stations built on the hillside, overlooking the South China Sea Buddha Ba 6 meters high standing on a lotus pedestal 1.2 meters high to start the hand, hold the top left hand of nectar, with the campus pulse around so elegant, serene.

This is a temple, a tourist destination is quite unique in Vung Tau.