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Bun Bo Hue - Vung Tau
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Hue cuisine in Ho Bun bo Hue Vung Tau in Vung Tau, the more numerous, are scattered throughout the pho.Nhung here only to introduce a feature most consistent, with good quality of sound formats.

Quan Phan Chu Trinh located on the sea not far lam.Day Back Beach is an advantage because tourists often choose to go through this if they want to enter the city center.

Formed 10 years ago, although superficially quite small and nothing special but the place is often frequented by local people or visitors in a distant land.

The trick is that beef noodle bowl quite elaborately prepared from selecting raw materials, tasting, until completely cooked into a soft white noodle bowl bun.Cong, soups concentrated aromatic nose tingle, and even chili Sate is very special to be the owner to follow its own way delicious than all the raw places khac.Tat leiu be mixed together to create a noodle bowl and taste hard about it.

Design thinking is a bun bo Hue specialties of Hue people in particular and Vietnamese people in general, and to enjoy fully the soul of it is really not easy nao.Mong that this place will keep their taste like restaurant that has been done today.

Address: 182 Phan Chu Trinh - Ward 2 - Vung Tau City