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Passenger routes Vung Tau - Con Dao working again
07:24 | 26/03/2011 Print   E-mail    

After 10 days suspended, 17g pm 14-1, 09 passenger ships Con Dao - Vung Tau departing passengers and goods in Vung Tau. Ben Dam port, Con Dao district has a large passenger on the train back to the mainland. Ship has the capacity to exploit all passenger and cargo. At the same time, at Cat Lo, had 10 passenger ships leaving the island.

* As reported by Ben Dam Port Management Board, in 2010, unit sales reached 11.38 billion. In particular, charges and fees: 1.120 billion; port services: 3.53 billion; passenger: 6.018 billion; Cargo: 470 million. During the year, fleet customers have been transported 44,000 passengers.