Famous landscape
Bai Vong Nguyet - Vung Tau
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Location: Bai Vong Nguyet  the mighty nose jutting into the East Sea. Characteristics: The beach is narrow, the water is always clean, intense waves, three cliff surface is extremely impressive.

Vong Nguyet means welcoming the moon. The moon rises at night in season, or at sunset, shining sea here as covered in a layer of silver sheen. Party whispering waves, in front of vast sea of silver light, visitors will feel the immense vastness of the sky waves, cosmic infinity, endless, silent sea floating in the mind hon.Nuoc here is very clear and clean.

Less sloping shore, deeper other beaches in Vung Tau, in line with those who prefer strong feeling overwhelmed from the waves. No loud, boisterous as the previous. No stuffy, as intense as in the article. Vong Nguyet but not long enough to go into people's subconscious Vung Tau for generations by the romantic, mysterious. Especially when standing from a Christ statue on a mountain overlooking Tao Feng, visitors will feel blue sea here than elsewhere, windy and cool unusual.