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Bach Dinh - famous monuments of Vung Tau
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Legend has it, the reason he called the White Palace of the Governor General Paul Doumer, who advocated the construction of this house darling girl named "Blanche" named for the mansion house.

White Palace was constructed in 1898, Romain architectural style of modern, 3 storey, 19m high (basement, ground floor and the floor). Around three main walls of the building has 8 stone statues busts art style of ancient Roman Hi-Behind and the White Palace is the right price refugee woods (teak trees) many decades old, have spent way for automobiles and home service system. On the left is the original path when building a house with 146 stairs and forests ancient porcelain.

White spring flowers fragrance. Although construction undertakings White Palace stay here myself, but Paul Doumer was on the French presidential palace before White completed. During the French colonial period and later, under the Republic of Vietnam, the White Palace was used as a resting place for the lifetime of the Governor General of Indochina, President, Prime Minister and other senior generals. King Thanh Thai, a patriot king, the French were dethroned 9-1907 was under detention before being deported here to Reunion Island (Africa). Dated 4-8-1992, the White Palace of Culture and Information Ministry recognized as a historic national culture now on display antiques Bach Dinh Ba Ria-Vung Tau and thousands of artifacts recovered on the shipwreck at sea Hon Cau, Con Dao 17th century. White Palace is one of the most famous monuments and attract more tourists to visit the city of Vung Tau.