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Tourism firms: Sprint to the finish
10:45 | 09/10/2013 Print   E-mail    

This year, almost holidays, festivals and new year festival will last from 3-4 days and fall on weekend, but most of hotels and resorts, beaches in the province were only full, crowded for the first one - two days of the holidays, the remaining only reached 50-60% of the room capacity. Visitors’ spending was also very low. This is due to the economic downturn, many people cut their expenses for travel. Domestic travelers saved by bringing food, drinks and spent economically if travel.

The increase and adjustment of petrol prices six times from the beginning of the year have also made the rise in the prices of raw materials and fuel, especially food groups. In addition, the situation of unfair competition, offering commissions to drivers, devaluating services to entice customers, no investment, and improvement of facilities at beaches, lack of products to retain customers for long days ... also cause difficulties for businesses.