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Opens “Nghinh Ong Thang Tam Vung Tau Festival”
10:28 | 09/10/2013 Print   E-mail    

 “Nghinh Ong Thang Tham Vung Tau Festival” 2013 was launched this morning September 20th (August 16 in Lunar Calendar) at Bai Truoc park (the Front Beach), Vung Tau city.

From 4.30 am, at Cau Da port, nearly 100 boats of fishermen were decorated to follow the big one be decorated with flags, flowers, bustling with drums and gongs. The big boat involves the rites of Ong worshipping, procession of Ong on sea. This is the chance for fishermen pray for safe, catching many shrimps and fishes on the fishing season. Then, group of boats come back wharf to welcome Ong to the temple, continuously the incense offering ceremony for our virtuous ancestors and virtuous posterities, reading funeral oration, honous, and then offering tea, flower and alcohol of pupils…