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In 1st quarter GDP reached 5.5
08:41 | 25/03/2011 Print   E-mail    

Pm 18 / 3, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung chaired a meeting to hear briefings online ministries, sectors and localities to report on the implementation of these solutions mainly to control inflation, stabilize macro-economy, ensuring social security mentioned in the Resolution of the Government 11/NQ-CP on 21/02/2011. Hanoi People's Committee Chairman Nguyen The Thao with city leaders, leaders of departments attended the conference.

As reported by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the thorough resolution of the Government 11/NQ-CP solutions mainly to control inflation, stabilize macro-economy, ensuring social security, So far all the ministries, sectors and localities have issued action plans, implementation plans and focused organization to direct aggressive, comprehensive solutions and policies proposed and achieved the initial results.

The report of the ministries, branches and localities, Resolution 11/NQ-CP reached consensus and consensus of all levels, sectors, businesses and people. All classes are identified 11/NQ-CP Resolution assessment was issued as necessary, timely, correct and meet the goals and focus required to control inflation, stabilize macro-economic tissue, ensuring social security. The implementation of urgent and positive initial results in implementing the resolutions made air excitement, confidence of the entire society for the leadership and direction and administration of the Party and State before the difficulties and challenges.

On the initial results, the rate of GDP growth reached 5.5% quarter, the growth rate of approximately quarter of 2010, industrial production value was estimated to increase by 14.7% first quarter, higher than the average increase in 2010. Agricultural production to overcome problems of natural disasters, ensuring the stable development of production; crop is harvested in the south, was the price last season, farmers actively encouraged to continue production. Exports first quarter is estimated at 31% speed, 3 times higher than the target of the plan. The service activities are also very dynamic with growth of 6.2%, higher than the growth rate of the entire economy.

On currency and credit, thanks to centralized direction and resolutely implement the synchronization solution for raising capital, lending, interest rates, foreign exchange management, exchange rate, has achieved some positive results initially. Up to date 03.10.2011 total credit outstanding rose 3.68% and the total payment up 1.7% compared with 31/12/2010; deposit rates and lending has fallen to a level, more stable than before. Trading foreign exchange initially restore order under the provisions of the law, buying and selling gold market is gradually return to stability and to review the allocation of capital investment is being actively implemented.

Report on status of implementation of Resolution 11/NQ-CP Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Chairman Nguyen The Thao said the city has issued some 33/CTr-UBND action programs on 7 / 3 / 2011 on measures mainly inflation control, macroeconomic stability, ensure social security in the province, organizing conferences and thorough implementation to all departments , branches and People's Committees of districts, towns, corporations and Co., a member State. Most departments, branches and People's Committees of districts and towns have the prompt establishment and promulgation of the unit plan implementation action program of the city and immediate implementation of assigned tasks.

With the implementation of the Programme of the city, you reach the Capital I/2011 economic growth rate. Gross domestic product was estimated to increase 9.2% over first quarter 2010, including value-added industries - construction 10.3%, services 8.7%, agriculture-forestry-fisheries 2.8%. Industrial production value was estimated to increase 13.1% over first quarter 2010, of which the foreign investor the highest increase, reaching 15.7% and the non-state sector 11.9%; State sector increased 9.8%. Export turnover in the city is estimated at 2 billion dollars, up 28.1%, of which exports local estimated 1.3 billion dollars, up 28.1% over first quarter 2010.

Addressing the meeting concluded, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has praised the Government's behalf and appreciate the ministries, branches and localities in the thorough, serious direct the implementation of Resolution 11/NQ-CP with specific plans and measures to implement comprehensive resolution ... so has achieved positive results initially.

On the tasks in the future, the Prime Minister asked ministries, sectors and localities should continue the thorough, effective implementation of Resolution 11/NQ-CP; acceptance of the Politburo's conclusions about the economic situation society in 2011-particularly, on the basis of potential, its advantages, the localities should work out appropriate measures to promote economic development and social, to maintain production, business direction on productivity, quality and efficiency.

In controlling inflation, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung stated that the ministries, branches and localities to continue urgently reviewing public investment, ensure efficiency of investment according to the instructions; controlled prices, exchange rate prices, foreign currency, gold market, control interest rates and interest rates reasonable ... Determined to cut 10% of public spending, trying to reduce the budget deficit to below 5%. Cutting public expenditure must be calculated and reported specific numbers. Give priority to remove difficulties for agricultural production, along with activities that promote the export of products that are considered strengths of Vietnam.

The Prime Minister also asked ministries, sectors and localities to implement the transfer of information transmission, stating the work has been done, what has not been in the process of implementing Resolution 11/NQ-CP to create social consensus, shared our common effort to successfully implement the tasks of economic development and social in 2011.