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Dan Phuong district receives the third-class Independence Medal
08:35 | 25/03/2011 Print   E-mail    

Am 19 / 3, as shown in the DPC held a ceremony to receive the Medal of Independence and third Excellent Emulation Flag in 2010 by the Prime Minister. Attending were Mr. Nguyen The Thao, member of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee.

Way 10 years, Dan Phuong district proudly achieved a great achievement. This is one of the localities in the province capital city is fast pace of urbanization, towards increasing the proportion of industry, services, agricultural growth in goods with high economic value and sustainability. In 10 years, economic growth rate of Dan Phuong district average of 14.7%, income per capita in 2010 (at current prices), nearly 14 million VND per person per year, increased 4, 3 times higher than in 2000. Current economic structure of the Dan Phuong: agriculture, fisheries accounted for 14.26%, industry and construction accounted for 44.07%, trade and services accounted for 41.67%.

Most prominent in the field of economic development must include agricultural production. Movement of labor in agricultural production of Dan Phuong is on track, through the application of scientific advances in production technology, restructuring of plants and animals, bringing new varieties yield higher production. Production value per 1 hectare of arable land in 2000 reached 28.6 million, by 2010 had reached over 80 million per hectare. Many projects and economic models such as developing effective model orange soup, performance, production and deployment of safe vegetables in 9 communes and towns with an area of ​​55.7 ha ... Similarly, the field of industrial development, small industries in the last 10 years has gained considerable achievements. The value of industrial production, small industries of the district has maintained an average growth rate of 22.47% per annum. The district has built successful industrial town Phung, four of industry, handicraft villages with a total area of ​​77.8 ha, attracting 54 enterprises and 456 households in production. Industry, small industry development has become the highlight momentum promote increased trade and quickly solve large number of jobs for thousands of workers in the district.

Cultural activities, social Dan Phuong district in the past 10 years has also improved tremendously. Many movement exemplified the "good, good," the movement "All people unite to build cultural life" movement to build cultural villages, neighborhoods, agencies, units of culture .. . attract staff and classes of people involved. By 2010, the district has 64 villages and neighborhoods with the cultural standards of the family culture reached 86.5% of families in the district. Many of the cultural history of the revolution was built, including three works: Stadium District, the Memorial Movement "Three Women responsibilities" and the temple names are attached Hien Thanh public beach monuments 1000 years Thang Long - Hanoi. Together, the areas of education and training, health care people in the district will not stop interest. By 2010 there were 27 city schools are accredited to national standards; 13/16 communes to the national standards of health ...

Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman of City People's Committee Nguyen The Thao praised the efforts of the Party committees, governments and other strata Dan Phuong district. Chairman Nguyen The Thao request, the Party committees, governments and people of Dan Phuong district draw on the experiences gained in the last period, the successful focus of economic and social in 2011 as the basis to create momentum for next year. Chairman noted, in economic development, Dan Phuong district more actively in the economic restructuring by increasing the proportion of industry, commerce and services, mobilizing all resources, accelerating urbanization; priority to building new countryside, clean water, sanitation, improving people's lives ...

The authorization of the President, Mr. Nguyen The Thao has been awarded the Medal of Independence and the third flag emulation of the Prime Minister for the Party, government and people of Dan Phuong district.