Policies to encourage domestic investment in the province of Ba Ria - Vung Tau
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Policies to encourage domestic investment in the province of Ba Ria - Vung Tau(Issued together with Decision No. 2031/2003/QD.UB March 31 2003 of the People's Committee of Ba Ria - Vung Tau)

1: Object and scope

Subjects include the project investment business in the province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau:

1-State Enterprises;

2-State Enterprises Affairs from the group of employees, sold to collectives and individuals or legal entities;

3-stock company, limited liability company, partnership;

4-private enterprise;

5-Cooperatives, unions of cooperatives;

6-educational institutions, private training, people, semi-public, private medical facilities, people, cultural and ethnic base was established and lawfully operating in accordance with law;

7-Enterprises of political organizations, socio-political, professional associations are business registration as prescribed by law;

8-individual business households and business registration in accordance with Decree No. 02/2000/ND-CP dated 03/02/2000 of Government on business registration;

9-The people of Vietnam, the Vietnam residing abroad, foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam to buy shares or contribute capital to enterprises in Vietnam.

Article 2: The policy of the provincial investment incentives

1. Exemption policy fees and charges:

- Investors having investment projects in the province are exempt from fees and charges related to investment procedures and construction, such as registration of investment incentives, establish procedures for recommending sites, certification of planning, land lease contracts, building permits.

- Businesses, investors need to provide economic information - social and all other information needed to implement investment activities in Ba Ria Vung Tau is the provincial authorities to provide free charge.

2. Policies contribute capital investment budget of the project group B, C:

For projects that have important properties and investors to contribute capital to the State's participation in the project, Provincial People's Committee for Planning and Investment shall coordinate with relevant departments to consider and provincial People's Committee decided to contribute share capital of the State to establish a shareholding company, or implementing investment projects of remedies pigs in Groups B and C, assigned to the Organization of the provincial government consider PPC works designated representative of State ownership of the said shares.

3. Interest rate policy to support the investment:

Every year the province will deduct a percentage of investment capital from budget to support the investors of the economic sectors in the form of interest-rate support for investment loans from credit institutions, the following when investors have supported the investment interest rate investment credits from the State's development. Interest-rate support levels of investment from the provincial budget by 50% investment credit interest rate of development of the State.

a) Objects are supported as interest rate investment projects are not loans, credits investment in the development of the state, or credit guarantees under the following areas:

- Production and exports by processing raw materials produced in the province;

- Shrimp farming industry and other marine products for export;

- Investment in construction of environmental treatment facilities, waste and wastewater;

- Investment in construction of tourist entertainment, tourism, investment and social sectors of education, health, culture and sports;

- The project to relocate the seafood processing facilities from the city of Vung Tau.

- The investment-in Con Dao.

b) procedures to support the investment rate;

- Investors with investment projects that meet provincial party investment assistance submit an application accompanied by supporting investment in viable projects, the credit agreement to borrow capital from credit institutions, the records accounting or auditing work or works have been completed to the Department of Planning and Investment

- Department of Planning and Investment shall coordinate with the Finance-Pricing integrated list of projects, capital investment support on the basis of loan plans and repayment of the investors for lending institutions , general capital requirements needed to implement the interest rate support, reports People's list for consideration to balance the annual capital plan. Method of determining the interest rate support investment from the provincial budget as interest-rate support from the fund as investment capital for development investment credit of the State.

- The project is supported only interest after completion or completion of each item of investment was put into use and to repay loans under the credit agreement.

4. Investment policy for infrastructure development and support clearance

a. In addition to the construction of technical infrastructure and social infrastructure for economic development - the province's overall social, PPC budget used for investment planning and infrastructure construction Arts and economic development projects planned annual provincial People's Council for adoption.

b. PPC budget used for investment in technical infrastructure outside the fences of industrial parks have been prime focus of the Government for approval.

c When investors were allocated land, or leasing land to implement investment projects, if projects have to organize compensation, site clearance, the People's Committees at all levels shall organize the compensation , clearance at the same time planning and land allocation for construction of resettlement areas (if the project requires resettlement). Owner shall pay all costs related to the compensation and site clearance. Compensation costs, clearance is calculated on the total investment of the project.

5. Funding policies to support vocational training:

Investors having investment projects in the province and use of local labor at 20 or more people from being funded training for employees recruited when the project first started its operation action, in one of these forms:

- To provide 100% funding of vocational training if employees are trained in vocational training institutions are established and are operating legally registered in the province.

- To support 50% of funding training for occupations that vocational training institutions are established and are operating legally registered in the province are not trained, have leased facilities in vocational Local training in other countries.

Provincial People's Committee for the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs in coordination with Finance and Pricing Department building, organizational assessment criteria and level of support for each specific project and the provincial People's Committee for decision.


6. The investment incentives in the area:

- Investors having investment projects in Con Dao district receive sufficient incentives for investment in such areas under Section I of List C;

- Investors having investment projects in Tan Thanh district is full of pink incentives for investment in such areas under Section II of List C.

- Investors having investment projects in the districts of Chau Duc and Xuyen Moc district is full of pink incentives for investment as the area under List B.

Preference level detail in the Appendix.

Article 3: Measures to support investment and implementation

1. Support measures to ensure security and order:

People's Committees at all levels, the agency lies only about three in the security and public order is responsible for ensuring security and order for investors to implement the project supports the protection of investors production, capital investment in the construction process and multi-project operations.

2. Support by providing information on markets, information and socio-economic of the province, met with investors exposure:

a. Department of Planning and Investment is responsible for providing information about the economic situation - the province's social at the request of investors to cater to the research project investment.

b. Departments, Services and People's Committees of districts and centers of trade promotion, tourism promotion center, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam Vung Tau Branch is responsible for introducing information about markets, about socio-economic situation of the province, information on mechanisms, trade policies of the Government information on the international market for export products of Vietnam, information on fairs and exhibitions abroad, ... for investors to grasp the initiative in building and implementing business plans.

c. Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the meeting held businesses, according to investors quarterly, or irregularly to provide information on socio-economic situation of the province, the main policy State policy at the central and local levels. .. simultaneously solve, solve the difficulties for investors (if any).

3. Measures on building and planning public to call for investment

a. Every year the province will allocate funds from the budget to make the planning of urban construction and rural land use planning and management to call for investment planning.

b. Annual Construction Department is responsible for the planned urban construction and rural areas have been approved by the Department of Land Administration and Committees of districts and cities shall have announced land use plan has been approved approved publication of unused land, land rental needs are ... The announcement was made on the mass media and publicly posted at the offices of provincial People's Committees of districts, towns and cities, the Department of Land Administration, Department of Construction, Department of Planning and Investment and Industrial Zone Management Board to investors wishing to use the land known and established procedures for leasing land, or land for investment as planned.

c The office is responsible for public sector planning, development plans have been approved for investors to know and perform grounds.

4. Through measures to support the reform of administrative procedures:

Provincial People's Committee promulgated the Regulation on the order and administrative procedures for land allocation or lease of land outside of industrial zones focus on investment projects using State budget capital, specific provisions shall responsibility, authority, resolution time of each state management agencies regarding the construction.

5. Dominating measures implemented and reported:

a. Department of Planning and Investment is responsible for common, guide, monitor and supervise the implementation of investment policies to encourage investment in this country, and promptly report the situation of the PPC and the arising issues to be handled.

b. Directors of departments, heads of agencies, branches or provincial, district chairman (town or city) is responsible for implementing policies to encourage domestic investment in the province at the same time popular organizations, developing policies to encourage investment in all businesses, organizations, individuals, investors urged to increase and attract investment.

Article 4. Takes effect:

Documents detailing the policies to encourage domestic investment in the province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau takes effect after 15 days of signing.

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