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Con Dao Districs
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Con Dao is an archipelago off the name of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vung Tau from 97 nautical miles and 45 nautical miles from the Hau River. Con or Con Son Island or for the name of the largest island in the archipelago. Vietnamese history before the 20th century is often called the island of Con Son Island Kunlun or Con. Old name in the text in English and French is Poulo Condor.

In 1977 the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam decided to officially known as Con Dao. Con Dao is also the administrative district of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province.
Con Dao has the same longitude with Ho Chi Minh City (106 ° 36 ') and the same latitude with Mau (8 ° 36').
Con Dao archipelago consists of 16 islands with a total area of ​​76 km ².
  • Côn Lôn Island or Côn Sơn, Phú Hải, 51.52 km²
  • Little Côn Lôn Island, or Hòn Bà, Phú Sơn, 5.45 km²
  • Bảy Cạnh Island, or Bãi Cạnh Island, Phú Hòa, 5.5 km²
  • Cau Island, or Phú Lệ 1.8 km²
  • Bông Lan Island, or Bông Lang, Bông Lau, Phú Phong, 0.2 km²
  • Vung Island, or Phú Vinh 0.15 km²
  • Ngọc Island, or Trọc Island, hòn Trai, Phú Nghĩa, 0.4 km²
  • Trứng Island, or Đá Bạc Island, Đá Trắng Island, Phú Thọ, 0.1 km²
  • Tài Lớn Island, or Phú Bình 0.38 km²
  • Tài Nhỏ Island, or Thỏ Island, Phú An, 0.1 km²
  • Trác Lớn Island, or Phú Hưng 0.25 km²
  • Trác Nhỏ Island, or Phú Thịnh 0.1 km²
  • Tre Lớn Island, or Phú Hòa 0.75 km²
  • Tre Nhỏ Island, or Phú Hội, 0.25 km²
  • Anh Island, or Trứng Lớn Island
  • Em Island, or Trứng Nhỏ Island

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