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Xuyen Moc District
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Xuyen Moc is a rural district of Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu Province in the southeast region of Vietnam. As of 2003 the district had a population of 132,117. The district covers an area of 642 km².

This city is home to primitive forest in which there exists a significant elephant population. Xuyen Moc is noted for its hot spring in Bình Châu - Phước Bửu natural reserve which is available for tourists. Xuyen Moc is located by the South China Sea and is famous for its white sand, unspoilt beaches and delicious seafood which provides tourists with authentic experiences of Vietnam coastal life. The most famous beaches in the area are Ho Tram Beach, which is starting to see numerous new high end developments come up including the planned MGM Ho Tram Casino and several additional private developments along the main Hồ Tràm Beach. Hồ Cốc beach nearby is also home to pristine seas and beautiful natural surroundings and make for popular week-end escapes for Ho Chi Minh City residents.

Administrative divisions

The district is divided into one township, the capital of Phước Bửu and 12 communes: Phước ThuậnPhước TânXuyên MộcBông TrangBàu LâmHòa BìnhHòa HưngHòa HiệpHoà HộiBưng RiềngTân LâmBình Châu.


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