Devlopment pontenities

1. Populate

Estimated population of the province to 2010 will be 1,064,000 people, increasing the average speed of 2.44% per year. In particular, the market is about 638.800 people, accounting for 60%, about 425,800 rural people, accounting for 40%. Thus the period 2001-2010 will increase by 240,000 people, an annual average increase of about 24,000 people.

2. On economic growth

Speed ​​economic growth (GDP) of about 11.12 to 13.25% for 2001-2010 years, in industry increased by 13.0% -14.4%, agriculture and forestry increased by about 5.1 - 6.6% and services increased by 10.1 to 13.3%.

3. Planning

The whole province into four planning areas as follows:
Zone 1: Virtue Highway 51 west of the province. This area zoned for industrial development and centralized system of provincial ports.

Zone 2: Limits from Highway 51 to Highway 55 and Road 51C. This area zoned for agricultural development.

Zone 3: 51C, and limits the road from Highway 55 out to the beach. This area zoned for tourism development.

Zone 4: From the beach out to the continental shelf of the province. This area zoned for industrial development and oil and gas exploitation, fishing.

4. Industrial development planning.

Oriented industry development: The province will focus on developing industries: mining and oil and gas processing, industrial and oil services, maritime, industrial manufacturing industry electricity, steel, fertilizer, ship repairing, building materials production and processing of marine products, agricultural products ...

The industrial focus: To develop the above industries, the province will establish nine industrial zones concentrated along Highway 51 include:

My Xuan A Industrial Zone: area of ​​123.6 hectares, 76 hectares of leased area. Currently there are 14 projects signed lease contracts with a total area of ​​56.33 hectares, of which 9 projects in the country, five foreign investment projects.

My Xuan A Industrial Park Expansion: The area of ​​146.6 ha, 101.1 ha area for rent. Currently only one foreign investment projects signed lease land with an area of ​​10 ha.

My Xuan A2 Industrial Zone: area of ​​312.6 ha, 222.9 ha area for rent. We now have two projects for the land lease contract with an area of ​​4.3 ha, both foreign investment projects.

My Xuan B1 Industrial Zone: area of ​​222.6 ha, 145 ha of leased area, currently has two projects for the land lease contract with an area of ​​6.1 ha.

Phu My 1 Industrial Zone: area of ​​945.8 ha, 651 ha area leased. Currently there are 24 projects signed lease land with an area of ​​345.6 ha, including 13 domestic investment projects, 11 projects of foreign investment.

Cai Mep Industrial Zone: area 670 ha, 449 ha area leased. We now have seven projects contracted with an area of ​​136.6 ha, of which 5 projects in the country, two foreign-invested projects

Industrial Park Association Location: area about 300 ha, this industrial park may have decided to establish the government.

Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone: area of ​​160.8 ha, 104 ha area leased. We now have 18 projects signed lease land with an area of ​​27.3 ha, of which 9 projects in the country, nine foreign investment projects.

Thang Phuoc Industrial Zone: area 140 ha, kh industry is not yet decided to establish the government.

5. Sector development Trade - export and import:

Formation of trade centers in urban areas include: business center in Vung Tau City, Ba Ria Town (finished), the commercial center in the district, all communes have communal market.

Exploit all the advantages to expand exports, exports are considered leading edge, a lever for development of production. Implementation of joint ventures with other organizations, units of domestic and foreign organizations purchasing, processing, search and mining market. Striving to achieve export growth average of 3.5 years - 4% (private sector reached about 20-23% local) in the period from 2001 to 2010.

Export-oriented development to identify some key export products (crude oil, seafood, footwear, garments, building materials ...)

6. Tourism development:

Along the coasts of the province will develop a plan of tourist resting, bathing: Paradise Resort, resort Chi Linh-Cua Lap, Long Hai tourist area, the Ho Tram Strip, resort under the forest canopy ecology Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu, Con Dao National Park ...

7. Fisheries Development:

Will invest in shrimp farming along the coastal zone: An Loc 326 ha, 47 ha Phuoc Thuan, Binh Chau 50 ha, 150 ha Bau Biology, Long Huong area of ​​350 hectares.

Go fishing port, the port was in Ben Dinh, Phuoc Tinh, An Loc, a fishing port will invest more in Phuoc Thuan, Vietnam article or veneers - Long Son.

8. Agricultural Development

Increasing the area of ​​perennial industrial crops for export, especially rubber, coffee, cashew, pepper ...

Form areas of agricultural production focus, specialization as follows: The vegetable production (high-grade vegetables, adequate hygiene standards, fresh flowers) in the coastal commune of Ba Ria town and some communes of the Long Dat district, Xincheng; the fruit trees and animal husbandry, focusing Oh the districts of Tan Thanh, Long Dat, Chau Duc, Xuyen Moc, rice area in Long Dat district, Xincheng town and coastal Ba Ria; the coffee, cashew, pepper in the districts of Tan Thanh, Chau Duc, Xuyen Moc.

Rapid increase in the proportion of animal husbandry production structure of agriculture. Livestock development focus towards industrialization and modernization. By 2010, 50,000 children have cows, pigs are 210,000 children, 3.3 million poultry have you.

9. Forestry Development:

Ensuring sustainable forest land is 38,850 hectares in 2010 (increased from 2258 ha in 2010). Mainly protective forests and special use forests, protection forests, which increased from 4075 ha in 2000 to 15,070 ha in 2010, 11,665 ha of special use forests from 2000 to 17,390 ha in 2010. Ensure coverage is 19.48%, with an area of ​​51.479 ha of perennial crops will ensure that coverage is 45.47% of the province. Conservation and development of two special-use forests: Nature Reserve Zone, Binh Chau - Phuoc Buu 11.293 ha. Con Dao National Park buffer zone of 600ha and 14,000 hectares of sea. At the same time trying to keep the maximum rate of trees in Saint industrial zones, tourist resorts along the coast, about rivers.

10. Development of road traffic:

To promote the development of transport systems, traffic is considered one of the driving force for economic development. Ensure that by 2010 the province's transportation network reached 0.85 -1 km / km2, road density from 2.5 to 3 km/1000 people.

Investment in building a number of new lines will be important: highway Saigon - Vung Tau (with central and relevant provincial); Coastal Vung Tau - Long Hai - Binh Chau 61 km long; Vung Tau Road 51B - 12 km long, long 55 Highway 52.6 km long Highway 56 32 km; establish a new route; Tran Phu around Big Mountain; road around the island.

Continue asphalting roads in rural and urban roads ....

Upgrade 2 Vung Tau airport and Co Ong ensure propeller aircraft can seat up to 50-60 are in service for passenger transportation and tourism.

Railway construction in Bien Hoa - Vung Tau, 55 km long expected, with the gas associated with industrial zones cogn, ports such as: My Xuan, Phu My, Huong Long, Ba Ria, Ben Dinh.

11. Port system development:

Port system on the Thi Vai River: will planning system deep-water port for ships 50,000 to 60,000 tonnes were landed. Expected to be 6-8 km ports for the following projects: power plants Port, Thi Vai International Port, the port of Ba Ria - Serece, port protein factories, steel mills port, 2km from the general port, port PVC , Petro port, the Cai Mep container port.

Port system on the River Palace: The port consists of the investment venture Vietsovpetro 1.387m petroleum, oil and gas services PTSC Port 370m, 300m Naval Port, Port Petroleum K2, Port Commerce 250m, 110m Cat Lo Port, Border Guard Port 150m deficit. Expected to expand and develop additional oil and gas port services, maritime services segment Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, and Ben Dinh area.

Ben Dam port Systems - Con Dao. Ben Dam Bay development plan will be four ports: Port logistics seafood 336m long (finished), port engineering services oil and gas, maritime port services, port customs.

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